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)300 mbps 2-port 100 mbps (mc414za) ab 69, 00 bei ebay bestellen! 2 angebote von 69,00 euro - 22,50 euro. 100240 v wechselstrom, 5060 hz, eingangsstrom 0,2 ampere. Relative luftfeuchtigkeit (bei betrieb) 20 bis 90 , nicht kondensierend. At any price, the apple airport express is a great dac. It sounds great, with a completely silent background, full 2 v output, smooth detailed sound and full infrasonic bass response. Wlan-router apple a1392 airport express zweite generation. Mit netzleitung und verbindungskabel abholer bevorzugt, kein paypal. I have found a second-hand airport express a1392 and i thought about purchasing it to extend my wifi signal. I want an access point to get a good wifi signal on the second floor of my house (old house, big walls). I have ethernet wire to connect the access point with the main router, so i thought access point would be better than wifi repeater. The airport express is a wi-fi base station product from apple inc. While more compact and in some ways simpler than another apple wi-fi base station, the airport extreme, the express offers audio output capability the extreme lacks


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